About – Ramona Braganza

Most people know Ramona as a professional trainer for celebrity clients like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway. That’s because, years ago, she drew upon her background as a competitive gymnast, fitness contestant and NFL cheerleader to create 3•2•1 Training Method to craft amazing bodies in a limited time, using minimal equipment.

And that’s a big part of who she is and what she does. But that’s only the start of her story.

Ramona’s true passion is guiding people toward a better life, as well as a better body.Her work focuses on creating opportunities for people to empower their full body self – body, mind and spirit. People lose weight and build strength with her DVDs.

They attend her retreats to connect with her and reconnect with what matters to them. And they follow her blog adventures to be inspired.

Voted as Vogue’s Beauty Fitness Expert Of The Year, Ramona has some exciting plans in India. Ramona’s 3•2•1 Baby Bulge Be Gone Program is available at the Mamma Mia maternity clinics at Fortis Hospitals, Harper Collins is releasing Ramona’s 3•2•1 Training Fitness Book and Ramona is planning a series of 3•2•1 Fitness Studios across the country.

Ramona is also launching her 3•2•1 Fitness Retreats, which are motivational and inspirational experiences set within luxurious, resort-style locations, offering attendees a chance to achieve breakthrough improvements in their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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